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Cute Model Demos Starry Night Luxo-Bed

Come along on a bed tour, where this Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed by Leggett & Platt can run as high as $50,000, depending on how you configure it. Plug in your iPod (it's not quite ready for the iPhone, even though it will fit), trick it out with 2K watts of subwoofer/fanny-rattling power, or team it up with electronic trickery that even senses when you're snoring too much or trigger the lights and raises the blinds when you rise in the morning.


Also on this video montage of robotic beddom, don't miss the LCD screen that slides out from under the bed. This one you see here is $18K, perfect for that upwardly mobile bachelor who seems to get laid all the time. We want that mounted under our Starry Night crib, racking up a $68,000 bed. Or we could just get a big honkin' Hummer and sleep in that every night.

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She started to lose me at "I can even put my iPhone on it!" and REALLY lost me when she said that he bed told her to eat less before going to sleep.

Telling... truly telling.