ABC to Revive iPad Sync App with Grey's Anatomy

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ABC's My Generation was a turd. Mercifully, the network canceled it after just two episodes. The My Generation Sync iPad app that accompanied the show, however, was actually very clever! Sadly, it died with that awful show. Or did it?


At Hill Holliday's TVNext "future of TV" event on Friday, I learned that the app would soon return, this time to serve up complementary content alongside ABC's much more successful Grey's Anatomy.

Rick Mandler, Vice President of Digital Media at ABC, let the news slip during a panel discussion called "TV Gets Portable." While he would not commit to any specifics about the re-launch, including a date or any new features.

As a recap, here's Kyle's take from last last year:

ABC gets it. You're never just watching TV anymore-you're watching while surfing or texting or tweeting or something. ABC's new app listens for audio cues from their new show, My Generation, and displays accompanying content on your iPad.

Mandler, to his credit, seemed to get it too. "We do not want to interrupt people's TV viewing experience; we want to enhance people's TV viewing experiences," he said.

The My Generation fare was pretty basic by design (keep those eyeballs on those ads!), but the idea behind it was just powerful and simple enough to work for the iPad carrying, TV-consuming masses. Will it translate to the Grey's Anatomy crowd, and beyond? We'll know soon enough. [TVNext]



"Hey, remember that kind of cool idea we tried with an awful show, and it failed? What if we tried it again with another awful show?"