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Aaron Rodgers Broke a Photographer's Monopod to Score a Touchdown

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Scott Kelby, an excellent photographer, was taking pictures in the end zone during last week's Packers game when Aaron Rodgers decided to run and dive in his direction. Rodgers scored a touchdown but accidentally broke Kelby's $350 monopod in the process.

Illustration for article titled Aaron Rodgers Broke a Photographers Monopod to Score a Touchdown

Kelby jokingly recounts the tale on his blog (all of which is in good humor) and knows that it's not Rodger's fault at all. It's awesome that Kelby was able to snap pictures of the whole exchange, he says:

I'm shooting my 400mm f/2.8 on a Gitzo monopod, but when I see this unfolding, I hold my Monopod with the left hand, and grab my 2nd body; a Nikon D3 with a 24-70mm f/2.8, with my right hand-I put it up to my eye and start firing at Rodgers as he's running straight at me. Rodgers lands right in front of me, and starts sliding toward me. I keep shooting. Rodgers keep sliding. I keep thinking at some point he's going to stop sliding, and then BAM—he's levels me, the guy beside me, and my camera on the monopod goes flying.


Luckily, his cameras survived the tackle (and he did too aside from all the dirt, that is) so he could keep on snapping. In fact, here's a picture of him continuing to shoot the play:

Illustration for article titled Aaron Rodgers Broke a Photographers Monopod to Score a Touchdown

An awesome story with even better visuals at his blog. And of course, here's our guide on how to photograph Football. [Scott Kelby]


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Anti-Star Super-Christ

Since most people won't go to the link and read the post:

"Just then, one of his teammates sees what’s going on as Rodgers is getting up from the ground, and he runs over, grabs his jersey (seen above), and I overhear him say, "Hey man, I think you need to buy him a new Monopod. It looks like a Gitzo—- those aren’t cheap." Then I hear Rodgers say, "How much do you think it costs?" He says "Probably $350, but it didn’t look brand new, so I’d just offer him $250.""

"Rodgers did score so I think he just wanted to get this over with, so he looks back at me and says "I’ll give you $250." I paused and said "Well, OK," and his buddy pats him on the back (shown above) and whispers, "You did the right thing man," and then Rodgers just heads into the end zone to celebrate the score with his other teammates."

"Of course, I didn’t see Rodgers again until the end of the game, at center field, where all the players and coaches are rushing out there for interviews and celebrations. Rodgers sees me, and I think he’s going to walk right by me, but then—without making eye contact—he reaches out and shoves a wad of cash into my hand, and then he heads for the tunnel. I just stood there, more than a little stunned. When I counted the money, there was only $220. Sigh."

I lol'ed.