Canna Cola: A Soda Spiked with Marijuana

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Here I thought man could never top Four Loko and in rolls marijuana soda. A California artist has put the psychoactive marijuana ingredient THC (aka how you get high) into drinks and is now selling them at your local pot shop.


The 12 ounce bottle will run $10-$15 and comes in flavors such as original Canna Cola, Dr. Pepper-like Doc Weed, lemon-lime Sour Diesel, grape-flavored Grape Ape and orange-flavored Orange Kush. He's planning to sell his product along side medical marijuana which, of course, makes it completely legit. It's for medicine! When should we expect the liveblog again? [YumSugar]


Consuming weed (as opposed to smoking it) keeps you high for around 6 hours. Therefore it will take some advance planning. You wouldn't want the boss calling you up an hour after you down one of these asking you to come in to work to deal with some emergency.

Not saying I wouldn't try this, but it's just one of those things to watch out for...