The Future of the Internet Has a (Kickass) Logo

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To help prod along our slow, inexorable march towards the HTML5 web standard, and because everything today needs branding, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has unveiled a snazzy new HTML5 logo. The biggest surprise? It's pretty controversial!


What's got web developers up in arms about the orange and black crest? The issue's not aesthetic. It's that they perceive W3C as using HTML5 as a blanket term for all next-generation web tools and standards. That means crucial—and independent—weapons like CSS and SVG all get lumped in together under the HTML5 umbrella.


To which I say, if that were true would W3C have also come up with these stunning logos for all of HTML5's component parts?

Wait, what's that? They're not components of HTML5, they're actual distinct entities worthy of individual recognition? Well, fine then. I still want to hang them on my wall. [W3C via CNET]

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