Modern Irrational Fears

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Sometimes I long for the days when I didn't have to worry about how to securely dispose of every single piece of information. Back then I didn't have the sorts of crazy irrational fears that I've developed now.


I suppose I should just be glad that there are plenty of distracting technological advances that came with those fears. [Abstruse Goose]


I love the irrational fears of each decade. :)

In the 50's, it was Polio & nuclear war/Cuban Missile crisis, mixed with of Communism, in the 60's it was the draft/Vietnam War, in the 70's it was the Energy crisis and the Cold War, in the 80's it was drug use and AIDS, in the 90's it was fear of the Gulf War, in the 00's it's been fear of terrorism, environmental disaster, and identity theft.

Go fear! :)