Tracing the Birth and Life of the Computer

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From Spacewar! to the iconic Apple II computer, from long-forgotten punch card systems to massive tape drives—the recently renovated Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California has it all. It protects all the amazing artifacts from computing's history.


After re-opening its doors, the museum installed a new permanent exhibit called "Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing." This exhibit covers everything dear to our hearts—all the "groundbreaking and fascinating moments in nerd history" as the NYT's Nick Bilton describes them.

Check out CNET's photo gallery for a taste of this wonderful history collection and—if you have the chance—go to Mountain View yourself and spend a few hours immersed in it. [Computer History Museum via CNET and NYT]

Photo by Scott Ard/CNET



I've actually checked this out in the past year or so. My favorite was the display of the first hard drives which were 20 megabytes, and the size of a large hand vacuum. It's amazing how far we've come along.