ADWLauncher EX for Android

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Launchers are wonderful things! In a nutshell, they're homescreen replacements, but really, they can magically tranform an entire phone—especially if your phone has been saddled with crappy manufacturer skin. ADWLauncher EX is the latest and greatest launcher available.

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What is it?

ADWLauncher EX, Android, $3.34. Think of ADWLauncher EX as a home screen replacement. The screen you see when you use your phone? So boring (and tasteless)! That'll be replaced with something faster, cleaner and definitely more Android-y (as Google intended it). Plus, ADWLauncher EX gives you customization options galore—from icons, to fonts, to texts, to widgets and more. If you don't dig what Samsung or Motorola or HTC did to your Android homescreen, ADWLauncher EX will solve your problems.

Who's it good for?

People who like prettier, more consistent and straightforward home screens. And especially people who are stuck using TouchWiz, MotoBlur and to an extent, Sense.

Why's it better than alternatives?

It's got 8 different desktop animations and 5 different app drawer styles. You might call that overkill but I love the snazzy and sometimes out of this world options. What's best is the option to customize literally whatever the heck you want. Application icons can be renamed, or re-sized, or even swapped out entirely. Docks can have 1, 3 or 5 apps. Total home screens can be any number you choose. There's a slick 'hidden' dockbar for even more quick access apps and an HTC Scenes-like feature that gives you one button transformation of the entire phone (like Work mode or Weekend mode). It's the kind of app that when you start using, you'll wonder how you ever used your phone without it.


How could it be even better?

Better widgets, more dock style options and more versatile gesture support for quick actions would make this the perfect launcher.

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ADWLauncher EX, $3.34 | Android Market

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so, other than fsck with your UI, manage your running programs, enable you to edit your settings, allow you to root your phone....

are there any Android apps that allow *you* to *do* anything?

Android appears (to the outsider) to be nothing but self-masterbatory... like early computers, using them for the sake of using them.

i'm old, i have more than a fulltime job, and so i'm just cant see myself being interested in anything i see or read about Android - on top of the fact that i don't give my personal information to Google in a Faustian deal for free services.