People Aren't Really Buying Chrome OS Apps

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After Google's big reveal of their Chrome OS platform, it seems people aren't so keen on paying for web apps. TechCrunch says that the most purchased paid app in the Chrome web store gets about 65 weekly purchases. Ouch.


It's estimated that MathBoard, the top paid app, only brings in about $165 a week, which isn't mindblowing by any means. To be fair, the platform isn't even a month old yet, Chrome OS isn't quite polished (neither is HTML5 for that matter) and it's only dedicated device isn't even available to the public. And the top free app, Quick Note was installed 8000 times in the last week. But still, the fact that are only making around $150 a week at the most means consumers need more than fancy web pages and flash games before they're ready to hand over a few dollars. [Tech Crunch]

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Nothing to See Here!

I literally looked at that and thought it was the Apple Store.

Not trying to be a fanboy, it's literally a fact that a lot of this Chrome stuff has been copied&pasted from Apple.