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Corsuit Tool Trains Swimmers' Core Muscles Like a Full Body Suit

Illustration for article titled Corsuit Tool Trains Swimmers Core Muscles Like a Full Body Suit

The now banned polyurethane and neoprene swimsuits, while making wearers slick as a fish, also helped swimmers perform better through increased core stability. The Corsuit training concept could help swimmers build core strength—without violating regulations.


The Corsuit device helps strengthen the connection between a swimmer's arms and legs, effectively making both sets of appendages more powerful. Worn in front of the body, the Corsuit can be used to generate resistance so the wearer uses more muscle power with each stroke. Worn running down the spine, it helps maintain correct posture.


The training concept will be entered in the 2011 James Dyson Award competition. [Gizmag]

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What regulations guide how a swimmer trains? I thought they could wear whatever they wanted in the pool while practicing, they only had to where "approved" suits during competitions.