8mm App Is Basically Hipstamatic for iPhone Video

No need to be sheepish about it: your iPhone shots look cooler after you run them through some scratchy vintage filters. That's just the way it is! And now, with 8mm, you can do the same thing your iPhone video.


Cribbing Hipstamtic's camera within a camera UI, 8mm lets you shoot clips with a handful of vintage filters—70s, Sakura, XPro, Siena, and 1920—the effects of which are displayed in real time as you record. You can also change between a few lenses, use the iPhone's front camera or flash, or manually trigger some frame jitter into the shots. It all turns out looking pretty shitty, which is to say, just how you want it to look. Treasured clips can be saved to your camera roll or uploaded directly to YouTube. $2 [iTunes]


What's with the Hipstamaic fad? I have a Diana F+ and it takes beautiful pictures, but the whole fun is that it's on film. Other then that they're just crappy photos.