Survey Says: We All Hate 3DTV!

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After polling the U.S. a few months ago, Nielsen conducted a worldwide poll to gauge interest in 3DTV displays. SPOILER ALERT: less than 10 percent of those asked said they'll buy a 3D television in the next year.

Another 15 percent polled said they might buy a 3DTV, but that's not so promising when over 60 percent said they they definitely won't buy a 3DTV. And when only narrowed down to North America, just 3 percent of North Americans say they plan to buy a 3D set in the next year. As far as 3D in the home goes, GigaOm is all doom and gloom, declaring 3DTV to be dead on arrival, and it's tough to disagree. I sure as hell don't want to deal with the glasses, especially when more than one person is in the room. Someday, when glasses-less displays arrive, maybe we can try this grand 3D experiment again, yeah? [Nielsen via GigaOm]

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Anaglyphic 3D sucks. I went to see Tron last Friday in 3D and I could see the 3D in a couple places I would have rather gone to see the 2D version and NOT had to wear two fucking pairs of glasses.

I think part of the reason the Anaglypic 3D doesn't work for me is that I'm terribly left eye dominant and have astigmatism in my right eye.

The Polarized 3D works much better with my eyes. Haven't tried shutter glasses yet.