iriver Ebook Concept Takes Notes, Looks Suave

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We did not spot this ebook concept from iriver at CES, but their website is showing it off nonetheless. To say details are light would be true. So, details are light, but what the concept ebook does promise is a color display and the ability to accept handwritten notes.


Other than that we have nothing to go on, the information is from iriver's Korean website, so the news is a little mangled due to our interpretation skills being as efficient as a combustion engine, but we have faith in iriver, not only because their CES booth kicked ass, but because they generally kick ass. Stay tuned; this looks promising. [iRiver (Korean link), via Engadget]

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Usually covers "cover things"... like "protection" ie "duck and cover" does not refer to "oh look, a Duck and blanket!"

Let us all know when we've gone over your head since it's clear you're short in many departments.