Mock-Up Solves MBA's Port-Based Woes

Illustration for article titled Mock-Up Solves MBAs Port-Based Woes

The Macbook Air sure is a fine piece of Cupertino craftsmanship, but the lack of useful input ports is a complete downer on the slinky sexy soiree. Fret not, Flickr user Nybras.Rodrigo has conjured up a fantastic solution. He's confident in his solution, and so are we. Check it out above. There are all the ports you'll ever need; USB 2.0, Firewire 400, Firewire 800, Ethernet, DVI output, Superdrive, iPod Shuffle and even a floppy drive. A floppy disk drive! How did we all miss that one? Kudos, Nybras, you're one up on everyone. [Flickr]

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If the floppy and half the ports are moved to the other side you could make the comp slimmer. And if you're going to use a damn floppy drive, couldn't it be one of those combo drives that reads memory cards too?