Optimus Maximus Keyboard on eBay Already

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We got our hands-on with the Optimus Maximus OLED keyboard back at CES, but now you can get your own on eBay. What? Apparently some guy received one of the earlier shipments of the keyboard (the one with unfinished software support) and is now hocking it. It's unclear which model this one is (we think it's the $1500 one, though you should email the seller to be sure), but if you can manage to get it for less than cost, this is a cheap way to grab an Optimus for yourself. [eBay]

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I'm A Different Bird

@Jason Chen: Technically speaking, you did use the wrong word, though. "Hocking" is just pawning something, or putting something up as collateral for a loan. When you're talking about selling something, you want "hawking".