Nike SPARQ Parachute Makes You Run Faster, Eventually

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The Nike SPARQ Parachute is designed to create drag "to force athletes to push themselves harder to achieve speed" and look like a moron in Central Park. Why would I want more drag as I'm already dragging my feet to the coffee shop to have a cafe au lait, two croissants and one brioche with chocolate nuggets is beyond me. Just $50 and a box of steroids separate you from becoming the next Ben Johnson. And a jump from knowing all the tech specs of this thing:

Maximum drag = 25 lbs of force

Belt accommodates waist sizes 32"- 56"

Durable enough for team training

Floating metal tri-ring reducing belt offers improved chute tracking

Improved heavy duty webbing lead and 2X coated heavy-duty veil fabric provides excellent durability

Comes with carry bag

I bet Brian will be able to use one of these to air-break after snowboarding. [Nike via Machogear]



They should put this on children who are impulsive run-awayers. The kid sees something shiny, and runs for it, press the remote, and swoosh-bam! The chute deploys and the kid is down for the count.