Pacemaker Pocket DJ Mixer Reviewed (Verdict: Amateur Fun)

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DJing on the bus, at work, in the supermarket and in line at the DMV may sound like a pipe dream, but this pocketable Tonium Pacemaker DJ system lets you do just that. We got hands-on of this at CES, but Kat from TechDigest takes it for a "spin" (worst. pun. ever.) and finds that it's actually quite good if you ever need to liven up a party with your sub-par DJing skills. Check out the review over at TD. [Tech Digest and Pacemaker]

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Wow, this thing is amazing. I wonder what kind of i/o's you need to use it properly. If all you need is your party thrower's receiver input for the speakers and a pair of headphones for beat matching then let me be first in line.