SanDisk's 8GB Ultra II SDHC Doesn't Even Need a Reader

Illustration for article titled SanDisks 8GB Ultra II SDHC Doesnt Even Need a Reader

Making flash memory USB compatible without a card reader seems to be the hot thing to do nowdays, and SanDisk is following up on the craze with their Ultra II SD card with USB interface. It's 8GB, has a $99 MSRP, and can fold in half to reveal the USB connector that you can easily shove into the USB slot on your machine. Because if we have to carry around one more thing in our bags when making the mad dash to grab a seat at Macworld, we may just collapse halfway in and have to blog prone on our stomachs in the aisle. [BusinessWire via jkontherun]

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@fostina1: Sorry.

The only one that I know, Eye-Fi, only comes in SD. I was wondering of a SD-CF adapter will work.