Reviewers Love This Cheap-Ass TV (Because It's Fantastic)

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Let's be frank. The Vizio brand doesn't exactly connote... greatness. You might think it's a bargain-bin TV, or one for your dorm, or one you get because you simply can't afford something better. But this econo-panel apparently kicks ass.


The Vizio XVT3SV series comes in a handful of sizes—from 42 and to 55-inches. The 42 and 47-inch models can be found on Amazon for a little under $1100 and $1500 respectively. It's time to get over whatever reputational shortcomings Vizio might evoke in your mind. The sets deliver, period. Close your eyes. Pretend that's an A-list logo on the bezel. Open your eyes. The critical consensus is that they—especially for the price—easily keep up with the big brands. Actually, forget the price. If you're looking for a pixel-popping HDTV, these sets deserve a serious look. Just think of the price tag as a bonus. Below, we've got a roundup of what sharply-trained eyes say about Vizio's wondertube.


The XVT3SV series, Vizio's third attempt at using a full array of local dimming LEDs to compete with the other brands' flagship LCDs, is in our book its most successful. The XVT3 stands among the best LCDs we've tested in the crucial areas of black level and color, and its matte screen—rare among high-end LEDs today—means superior bright-room performance compared with just about anything available.

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Packed with a range of useful Internet applications, the set delivers excellent video performance, and is priced hundreds of dollars less than some competitive models…The remote control is a real Jekyll and Hyde affair though, as the main keypad is a textbook exercise in ergonomic design mediocrity… on the test bench, the Vizio turned in some very impressive scores.


All of the crucial features you'd require in a new TV. Full 1080p/24 video with a 240Hz refresh rate ensures that video runs as smoothly as it was intended. A particularly precise picture is achieved through accurate color saturation alongside deep blacks. And, of course, a bezel design that is aesthetically pleasing enough to take center stage in your home theater…All of those features are among the best in class.


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The Vizio XVT423SV performed solidly above average in almost every scene we ran…Solidly above average versus the competition—though not outstanding at anything…For its $1300, I can wholeheartedly recommend this HDTV.



While the Vizio XVT553SV LED TV may not be the thinnest and most amazing TV to look at in terms of slick rounded curves, it makes up for it with outstanding picture quality and overall ease of use. It is one of the first TVs from this company to really compare to other large companies such as Samsung, Sony and LG.


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For a more specific breakdown of the XVT3SV series, we've distilled all of the critical verbiage into tidy rows and columns. See for yourself. Vizio brings it. (Make sure to click to expand)

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It's a TV, right? I mean, LED/LCD/Plama aside: It's an entertainment device. A discretionary purchase, at best.

$1100 is cheap...for a car.

My last 3 TVs cost me less that $100 brand new. When I see an article about a cheap TV, I'm hoping it hearkens back to the cheap old CRT days. I price check HDTVs semi-regularly. The difference in durability and quality between a $600 40-inch and this TV may be existent, but I'm not sure what your annual salary has to be for it to be worth an extra $500.

Have fun with your ridiculously pricey toys, gentlemen.