Traveling Apple Users Cheer "The Continental" With a Glass of Champagna

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World travelers will undoubtedly be thrilled with "The Continental Companion" and its ability to help Apple users utilize different power outlets without having to carry around a bulky power brick. The set includes four AC plugs (with a 12" whip) and it requires the portable power adapter that ships with the MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iBook and PowerBook G4. You can also use it with the iPod and iPhone USB adapter as well as the iPod FireWire Power Adapter. The Continental is available for $34.95. [incipio via Crunchgear]

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Um, Apple already sells something like this, except it costs $5 more and comes with 6 adapters instead of 4. It's called the "Apple World Traveler Adapter Kit". Which is slightly less lecherous, and accordingly includes less pipe. err, less cabling: