Palm Emulator for iPhone and Touch Looks Good, Bad

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StyleTap's proof-of-concept Palm OS emulator for iPhone and iPod touch makes us scratch our heads asking ourselves "why?" but we are sure it would make all Palm users very happy. All the five of them, including Rob from accounts. It's quite fast, as you will see in the video: 423% faster than a Palm IIIc. Unfortunately, it's not available yet but it may be released after the official iPhone SDK and distribution channel are revealed. Someday. [The Mobile Gadgeteer]


My wife and I both still use palms (the TX). I read books, keep my calendar (synced to Google Calendar), phone book and play games. I use Pocket Quicken to keep my checkbook caught up when away from my PC. I even used it to plan for the eclipse last week using the Planetarium software.

I have no need of a "smart phone". I work at home and don't leave the house enough to use a cell phone much so adding bulk to my PDA for a phone is not something I look forward to.

Having said that: If Palm comes out with a Palm OS Treo with a larger screen I may have to jump. It doesn't look Palm is making PDA only devices anymore. I love the Palm platform so if I am forced to buy a smart phone I would like to stick with Palm instead of having to switch to Windows Mobile.