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AutoPulse Makes CPR Hands-Free

Illustration for article titled AutoPulse Makes CPR Hands-Free

The AutoPulse by Zoll is an automated CPR device that can not only replace someone performing life-saving chest compressions, but that can actually implement these compressions more effectively than human hands. Essentially a battery-operated band that wraps around the chest of a patient, by squeezing a larger area the AutoPulse can circulate blood better than standard CPR while allowing the doctor/technician to focus their efforts elsewhere. As far as hands-free technology goes, it sure beats the crap out of your Bluetooth headset. [autopulse via news and digg]


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As a Paramedic who has utilized an AutoPulse in the field, they are no substitute for proper manual CPR (not the CPR you see on TV), but when you are working in a two-person team in a remote area with no backup, the AutoPulse in invaluable (literally lifesaving), it frees up hands to manage the airway, start IVs, analyze the cardiac rhythm, and deliver life-saving defibrillation and medications.

Unfortunately the areas that need this the most, rural municipalities, cannot afford it. The same goes for portable 12-lead EKGs, which provides for rapid AMI diagnosis in the field. It's useful to have a 12-lead when you have a 45-minute ride-time, you can have the cardiac cath team ready to go. But the services I've worked for, which could afford the 12-lead EKGs, were urban and had ride times of less than 10 minutes.