PlayStation 3 PlayTV Recordings Can Be Copied Anywhere

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For the first time in a long time, we want to grab Sony and kiss them square on the lips. Because PlayTV, the PlayStation 3's DVR/PVR (that's not coming to the States yet), will record television to MPEG2 files that can be easily copied off the system to any storage medium you'd like. That's right, no DRM.


But can Sony do such things legally? According to their producer Mark Bunting, it's fair game:

We've talked to our legal department about it. All we're doing is moving it out of PlayTV and to the cross-media bar as if it was any other recording. So hopefully users won't do stuff they shouldn't do with it...If I'm prohibited from getting the recording off and storing it somewhere else because some other dude is making money out of selling it, then I'd rather they brought the law in to catch those people.

Hallelujah! Someone ring a bell so Sony gets its wings. [eurogamer via kotaku]


Broken Machine

@jm9843: Oh, I know I can convert. In Media Center, SD can be recorded in multiple formats, HD can only be recorded in dvr-ms. Vista Movie Maker has problems with files over 1G, so any show more than 10 minutes will not work, I also believe you can only edit/convert (using MS Movie Maker) on the machine you recorded on, which will not work for me.

I want to RECORD in a non-proprietary format - I do not want to convert. Such is the deal with the devil I made when I chose Vista for this setup.