Anti-Shark Device Eaten by Irony-Loving Great White

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This is awkward…during the testing phase for the Shark Shield, an electronic device that is designed to go on the back of surfboards to keep sharks away, one of the devices was actually eaten by a shark.


Yeah, not only did this thing not keep sharks away, but it actually attracted the attention of a 12-foot great white enough that it mistook it for a tasty snack. Luckily, it was on a buoy and not a surfboard at the time.

The device uses electrical waves to give sharks some uncomfortable muscle contractions, at least in theory. The problem is, there's speculation afoot that the electrical waves designed to repel sharks actually attract them. Yeah, that's no good. The manufacturer claims that it'll work just fine as long as you aren't surfing, paddling, or moving at all, however. Uh, sold? [The Australian via Uberreview]


"The Shark Shield device is about 8 ounces 5" long and attaches directly under the surf board. Once activated, it generates an electric signal that repels the sharks... Jim, go ahead activate the device... As you can see, the Shield generates a signal within a 10' radius and... **CRRRUUUNNNCCHH** ...and... uhhh... ummm.. eh heh.. ummmm.. Gee. umm.. It wasn't suppose to do that...Umm. Excuse me sir. I'm not done yet.. Please don't walk away."