Cops Shut Down Meizu's CeBIT Booth for Ripping Off Apple

Illustration for article titled Cops Shut Down Meizu's CeBIT Booth for Ripping Off Apple

It looks like we weren't the only ones not impressed with Meizu's M8 iPhone ripoff - its booth at CeBIT was shut down by the local police and all products and promotional materials were removed. Yikes! Apparently some other booths were shut down as well, as this was part of a wider initiative to protect patent and copyright owners. What does this mean for the fate of our favorite junk copycat Chinese ripoff phone? Time will tell. Stay strong, my friends.

UPDATE: The shutdown was actually due to a mistaken MP3-licensing issue and the booth is now back open. Apple had nuthin' to do with it. Carry on! [Heise via Electronista]



Yes, Giz — geez.. I pay good money for your site, and all I get are factual errors that cause arguments in the comments section only to find out it was all false. What the heck? Why can't you hire Walter Cronkite (I hear he is not doing much these days), or maybe a loser like Dan Rather to fix up the journalistic integrity of this site?


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