Here Comes the Reaming: Blu-ray Movie Rereleases Coming with BD-Live

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Click to viewWe warned you that one reason to hold off on boarding the Blu train is that movies released in the past year without sweet BD-Live interactive features might be re-released. A lot of them. Today, we got first confirmation of this from Fox, which told us it'll be re-releasing Alien Vs. Predator later this year with a suite of new interactive features. And that's just the beginning.


Sony Pictures is also reaching in with both hands, though they're "not 100 percent sure [they're] going back on every disc" and will be looking at "different ways [they] can allow people to connect to a BD-Live site" for stuff that's already come out sans the BD Launcher. But they haven't figured that second part out yet.

To be fair, of all the Blu-ray studios, Fox is currently the most pumped about the interactive aspect—a big reason they helped build Blu along with Sony and friends. What Fox is adding doesn't make this a crap double dip, either: It's a multiplayer game woven into the film that you play as it progresses, attacking and killing other players in hopefully the most genuine film interaction to date. Not only do you upload your own avatar, it'll stay in memory and reappear when you buy future AVP titles. Sven Davison, Fox's VP of Worldwide Product Development and Production, said nothing he's seen on HD DVD has come close to this.

Davison also said Fox was looking at three other major franchises for a heavy interactive component. But other studios probably aren't going to be as scrupulous, because they primarily see interactivity as "icing on the cake" rather than potatoes to the 1080p-and-uncompressed-audio meat.

This of course opens the door for nearly everything already on BD to be double-dipped in the coming year—especially in cases like Warner's, since that studio has already launched more interactive versions of movies on HD DVD while simultaneously putting out lower-featured editions on BD. Would this have happened if the 2.0 spec had been mandatory from the start?



Obnoxious Comment #1:

They were doing this on DVD releases, too. I purchased the intial release of The Nightmare Before Christmas only to see a later release include a bunch of interactive features I did not have. This is not a reason to avoid buying a Blu-ray system, this is a reason to avoid buying any movies and just NetFlix'em.

Obnoxious Comment #2:

Is it too much to ask that we just buy a movie and it have nothing but the highest quality movie possible? If I want a game, I will buy the AVP game for the PlayStation 12, Xbox 986.2, or Wiiiiiiiiiiii ... How many people actually spent time watching these extras anyway? One percent? If the extras are so fantastic, people are willing to pay for them as a separate title. However, chances are, they are just some crappy interviews, or ridiculously basic games. Hardly worth the space they take up.

Obnoxious Bottom Line:

If you have a 1080p TV, then it is silly to wait to get a BR player. You already invested ridiculous dollars on the screen, you might as well get the highest quality images possible and spend $400 for a player. I would. Unfortunately, I have kids, and therefore no money. So, after you buy your BR, please invite me over to your house so I can watch.