OLPC's Negroponte Not Exactly Looking For a Successor (Plus XO Getting Windows in 60 Days)

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Reports of OLPC's Negroponte looking for a replacement to fill his CEO role were a bit unfounded, as the man himself just claimed that the organization HAS no CEO, and that whatever the replacement does, it won't be what Negroponte is doing. Negroponte says:

Replacement is not the right word. We have no CEO. I have never held that title nor used it. I will continue to do what I do, no real change.


And in other news, the Windows version of the XO laptop should be released in less than 60 days, depending on how talks with Microsoft and OLPC go. [Laptop Mag]


junior ghoul

Call a parrot a mouse as much as you want...at the end of the day, it'll still be a parrot. Same for a CEO. Nick is running the dan program. He can call himself whatever he wants, it wont change what he does though.

He's right about one thin, if the right person comes in, he wont do what nick does...because what Negaroponte did in the business end of the project was often wrong. the machine is built, that much is done. the person coming in needs to know business. If they know business and have some good ideas about how to fix things, then the project could finally take off

as for xp...LOL!

one of the number one reasons why vista is doing so badly is because most pcs/laptops are not powerful enough to really handle the OS. Its my understandin that they are makin a modified version of XP for it...but it wouldnt surprise me if its still too damn slow

many people who are used to the standard OS setup aren't too happy with the suar interface, so they have managed to put things like debian and ubuntu on it. they're also getting things like the wireless to work, and rid of alot of glitches that often comes along with trying to get a new OS working on a device such as this.

hopefully soon someone will start a up a torrent for a specialized version of debian or ubuntu which would be easy to install and would have virtually all the bugs sorted out. that way, uys like me can get some use out of their green machine.

oh yeah, also, one of these specialized distros are going to be pratically required when the XO starts gettin distributed in america.