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$6,500 Periodic Rings Won't Make You Invisible

Illustration for article titled $6,500 Periodic Rings Wont Make You Invisible

I'm not a fan of rings, but if my wife was a scientist, I would probably get her one of these Ag, Au and Pt Periodic Rings. Made in, you guessed it, real silver, gold and platinum, each has the element's sign, atomic number and mass. Cool and pretty, but awfully expensive: $205 for Ag, $2,200 for Au, and $6,500 for Pt. Fortunately for me, she's not a scientist. And yes, this whole post was an excuse to put the hilarious Flight of the Conchords video after the jump.



[Itsnoname via Cool Hunting]

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Don't show these to Yukon Cornelius.