Copy and Paste on Your iPhone With iCopy

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Everyone wants it, but for some strange reason we have been denied copy and paste functionality on the iPhone. With a new bookmarklet called iCopy, we can finally copy text and URLs that can be plugged back into Safari or an email later on. To get this miraculous technological development, simply visit the iCopy site and follow the instructions. It isn't a perfect solution by any means (all of the text you paste is sent across the internet), but it should tide you over until someone at Apple decides to make an official solution. Videos of iCopy in action are available after the break.

[iCopy via iPhone Atlas via Wired]


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@alukard: I couldn't care less about Flash but the other stuff? Definite wants. I've personally vented to anyone that matters (or doesn't) about the crippled Bluetooth - that's MY biggest beef. There are so many ways in which my previous phone (a Nokia) was more functional that it sometimes does drive me a little bit crazy. I'm a Mac-head from way back and I do love the iphone in spite of all of the mind-boggling omissions but for cryin' out loud, Apple.....c'MON, already!