Intel Atom Will Bring Cheaper "Nettop" Computers

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Intel promised that their Atom chips (click here if you don't know what the hell an Intel Atom chip is) will bring us cheaper computers great for surfing the web and general, lighter task loads. But I think I speak for the whole room when I say, how cheap is "cheaper?"


A standard PC setup with DVD drive (and we're assuming with monitor) would run just $199 to $250. Intel calls the system a "Nettop," and it will use the Atom Centrino processor to run Vista without Aero, XP or Linux (depending on target price and intended application).

A laptop with the same specs won't run much more, estimated at only $250 to $300.

But given the inexpensive price of many full-blown Core 2 Duo laptops and desktops, it's hard to see these moderate price breaks ushering in an Atom revolution. For developing countries and educational purposes, on the other hand, the Atom is a tad more exciting. [pcworld]


I'm A Different Bird

I get the feeling that this is just Intel trying to grab a piece of Via's action from the gPC and the like. Nothing particularly revolutionary.