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BenQ's V2400W is the World's Slimmest 24-inch LCD

Illustration for article titled BenQs V2400W is the Worlds Slimmest 24-inch LCD

People who want big screen space without having to buy a wide desk to support it can take a look at this BenQ V2400W, which is the world's slimmest 24-inch widescreen monitor. It's apparently more than 21% slimmer than the next slimmest monitor at 2.44 inches, and has a 4000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio and 1080p HD support. Two and a half inches. Thinner than most of the stuff we've got dangling around. [Far East Gizmos]


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I don't see why slimness is such a big deal on desktop monitors. Once you've gotten to 3" and under, it's just a "big whoop" situation for me. I'm not going to be shoving this thing into a bag and traveling with it often, so wha'eva.

And I'm joining the off-center-bugs-me crowd. The more I look at it, the more I want to tear the bezel off of the stand.