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Thanko's New MP3 Player Is Cranky for Power

Illustration for article titled Thankos New MP3 Player Is Cranky for Power

Thanko has gifted its new MP3 player with an additional power source: you. Much like Trevor Bayliss' crank-powered player, but nicer-looking, this new device will give you ten minutes of tunes for one minute of cranking— it's also got an LED flashlight which'll run for 50 minutes for the same effort. And if you're wrists aren't up to the job, it'll also charge via USB or AC power brick. The Cranking MP3 Player is screen-less, plays MP3 and WMA, has 1GB of storage, and will cost you just $60. [Akihabaranews]


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The MP3 player of choice for the Unibomber.