Quantum Sleeper, Rest Well in the Face of Terrorism

Illustration for article titled Quantum Sleeper, Rest Well in the Face of Terrorism

Some might call being trapped in a small, airtight box getting buried alive. Others realize that it's a completely rational response to the potential threats in a post-9/11 world. Featuring 1.25" polycarbonate bulletproof plating, the Quantum Sleeper seals you into your mattress in emergency situations. You breathe filtered O2, use the built-in facilities and wait comfortably for the world to not be over. Sound a bit unsettling? No way. Just look at that happy couple basking in their thoughtful preparation, the husband grabbing his wife lovingly, always ready to perform the Heimlich should the opportunity arise. [product via boingboing]



@Late_Night: Actually, in my office, we *are* issued gas masks. Of course, since most of us are contractors, and are IT folks, a good portion (including yours truly) sport goatees and beards, so we're all going to die when we can't get a good seal with the mask...