HD VISION Sunglasses...Yes, the "HD" Stands For "Hi Def"

With all the confusion around 720p, 1080i, 1080p, HD, full HD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, ACVHD and the pesky digital television transition, thank goodness we have the fine folks who make infomercials standing in the ready to soothe our tired brains. Before watching this very important offer, we had no clue that we'd only been seeing the world in standard def. How embarrassing!

Note: this is not a parody. Sometimes the world just feels like one. [Seen On TV]


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@mumin: Yes, anything euro-style is a must have un the states. We tried to hold back on gasoline prices but just couldn't help ourselves. Now we're happy with our hi-def euro-style gas prices. Europeans are the style-gurus for everything!