Motorized Monocycle Eliminates Need for Pedals, Humility

Illustration for article titled Motorized Monocycle Eliminates Need for Pedals, Humility

This monocycle from rich man's playground catalogue Hammacher Schlemmer is a few phalluses short of a South Park episode, but I think even Mrs. Garrison would appreciate the fact that this 1869 throwback is now available at retail for a modest $12,999.95. And the best part? The wealthy sops whipping around the Hamptons on this thing won't even have to pedal, as this monocycle boasts a 31cc 1 1/2 horsepower engine. The lawnmower-esque four-stroke maxes out at modest 25 MPH but Hammacher promises its monocycle can still comfortably navigate on anything from pavement to grass to the backs of the common man. [Hammacher Schlemmer product page]



It would be cool if they made an amphibious one. The outer wheel part would be for land, and the inner "body" part could be for water. If someone steals that idea just send me a free one and I'll be happy. hehehe.