IdeaPad U8 from Lenovo Has Intel's Atom, GPS, EDGE

Illustration for article titled IdeaPad U8 from Lenovo Has Intel's Atom, GPS, EDGE

This is the IdeaPad U8 from Lenovo. With Intel's Atom chip inside it, the Mobile Internet Device has an optical mouse to let you fiddle one-handed, supports 3G and EDGE, has GPS, a 4.8-inch touchscreen, a Paul Smith-esque striped back (hope that stays) and an annoying ambient bongo player (either that goes or I do.) Video after the jump.

Engadget also reckons you'll be able to make phone calls as well, and that it's Linux-based. I couldn't possibly comment. [UMPCPortal and Engadget]

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Like the design on the back, but personally I hope they release a flat black or silver one along with the funky stripes when it reaches fruition.

Seems to be a fantastic move in the right direction for ergonomic handheld do-it-all devices. Can't wait to see more on this!