Meshcentric H_T: Waterproof Wi-Fi Cellular Anti-Stalker GPS Game Handheld With LED Lightshow... Say What?

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Our friend Stuart at PocketGamer UK just shared with us his encounter with Meshcentric CEO Scott Fry, who is in Vegas at CTIA telling everyone about the H_T, a cellular gaming 1-mile-range-Wi-Fi hot spot with over-clocked CPU, fluorescent LEDs and GPS. The suspiciously PSP-shaped new multifunction device is apparently the second product to come from Fry's brain trust after the Air Sniper weapons system, also currently in prototype form. H_T's killer app is the game VR Warrior, set to launch Christmas 2008 and, according to Fry, is supposed to "get the gamers off their a** and start moving as a team or as an Army of one":

Your HUD (Heads Up Display) or arm mounted screen will show you virtual or real enemy activity. But be careful, enemy hackers might be spoofing more troops and enemy aircraft in the area...Half the team maybe remotely engaged in assisting you against the cyber threat...The other part of the company is en route to the next geocache where the assignment is then downloaded. As you approach, it recognizes that you are within 30 yards of the designated position. It then deploys the next mission to your PDA.


It goes on and on, but you get the idea. Fry says that this game might be used for actual military training in the future. And Fry is no stranger to military life, in fact it's what drove him into consumer electronics:

We were advisors in 2005 to the 10th Mountain Division and during that time we were conttracted [sic] as Tiger team RF advisors. As a result of this invaluable time spent with our military, we have learned the art of miniaturization, have become battery experts, and are quite versatile in covert and black op wireless communication systems.


There may be other configurations of the H_T, too. There will be a step-up waterproof edition for boaters, and a camera-equipped streaming video version, again says Fry, "to protect women that are currently being stalked." He adds, "If you are fortunate enough to find battery operated IP cameras, you can operate up to 16 on one device in the middle of nowhere."

Bottom line: There's no reason to believe Fry one way or the other just yet—though his promo shot does looks a bit intentionally mysterious. Whatever, if he and his team of developers does pack all of this magic into a PSP-shaped clear router-looking thingy with disco lights, will will be eager to review the thing, feature by feature. [PocketGamer]

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