ThunderCats Were Loose On Palace of Westminster

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When most DVDs are released, production studios put up some posters and run a few television spots. However, when ThunderCats Season 2 hits store shelves...lets just say Lion-O isn't settling for an afternoon at Kinko's. Instead, he boldly emblazons the ThunderCats signal onto London's Houses of Parliament. While some surely see the stunt as a subversion to a great tradition of government, others will realize that during the global fight against terror, nothing instills fear into our enemies like occasional real world manifestations of 1980s cartoon superheroes. [shinyshiny]


@strider_mt2k: The first time I watched those I almost hit my head on the desk when I doubled over with laughter.

There is just something so wrong with seeing cartoons from our childhood swearing.

I remember watching the REAL Transformer movie in the theater, and almost having an embolism when they said damn and hell.

I have become decidedly less provincial in my old age.