Thanko's Mono-wheeled Laptop Lugger

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If you lack the upper arm strength to lug around your laptop, worry no more. Thanko has created a regular looking laptop bag that sports a telescoping mono-wheel. Whether you haul around some ultra-light and super-portable contraption or an 8.9 lb gaming beast, Thanko thinks that they have got you covered.


Looking at Thanko's wheeled laptop case, one cannot help but think that it was designed with the pathologically lazy in mind. I mean, really, is it that hard to carry a bag? Still, there are times that all that lugging really does become too much and that is where this comes in.

It is a clever little laptop case that takes a step beyond the standard rollerbag. I love the fact that it has the bag up the top instead of down the bottom, I figure that has got to pay dividends every time you have to get on a train or go up stairs; the one wheel gives you that extra support without sacrificing too much mobility. Of course, as is usually the case with Thanko, style plays little to no big part in the equation. If you are prepared to place function before form and weather the $97 price tag, then this could be a good way to rest your atrophied muscles as you prepare for the rigorous demands of a day behind a desk.

I only ever really have to walk from my apartment to my car everyday, so rolling luggage is of little use to me. If I were doing the whole public-transportation thing, however, it would definitely be up for consideration. I almost like it enough to part with my hard-earned money. [Thanko Japan via Far East Gizmos]


She: Is that a mono-wheeled laptop lugger or are you just glad to see me?