Notes: Banhammers, Japanese Life Hacks, Writing (Finally)

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Hello there. Here's a personal note: Lisa's book has been getting some fine praise around the web, particularly from BB's Cory. And here's my plug for my sweetheart's work, a fun collection of Urawaza, or Japanese lifehacks that'll help you do just about anything better.


Urawaza is a term that originated in Japan to describe a secret shortcut or method in a game. Housewives adopted the term to describe any unconventional and surprising tricks to making, curing, cleaning, or improving one's life without breaking the bank. There aren't geeky hacks here for gadget lovers, but there is something kindred in the spirit of putting together a wi-fi antenna with a pringles can and solving a stuffy nose by shoving scallions up your nostrils. Here's the link to the book. Lastly, I'd like to say that I was partially moved by guilt to write about this book (it's rare) because when she was writing it, I was too busy at Giz to read her draft and give her feedback. I know, she is patient with me then, and now, as I work late. So Giz owes her this mention.

And, although I've been spending most of my time the last few months scaling up Giz, training people and hiring folks, and planning things, I found myself really starting to dread Mondays. And I figured out it was because I was not doing enough writing. Ah the selfish, egotistical joy it brings. So, here I am.

Enough about me. How about YOU. Just a heads up that the banhammer has been seeing some action as of late. Lots of stupid or unfunny or unhelpful comments are getting into the system, so I've been paying more attention as of late.


@johnnyabnormal: Sonny Bono would have a point of contention, if only he had some way of communicating with us.

@ltcmurray: "lunchtime doubly so."

@ Brian: I look forward to checking out the book, as I am basicy simi-retarded when it comes to living as a functioning adult in my own home. Maybe I will be able to surprise my wife with some little nuggets of knowledge I can gleen from this book.