Asus Fixing Their Battery Blunder

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Yesterday we told you that Asus was not everyone's favorite company after shipping customers Eee PC 900s with smaller batteries than those supplied to reviewers. Now Asus is offering their Hong Kong customers a free battery upgrade. Here's the letter that Asus is sending to eligible customers:

Automatically translated text:

Eee PC 900 free upgrade to replace Tai capacity 5800 mAh battery

Dear Asustek users

Hello, Thank you for the support and love Asustek.

EeePC 900 series with the four cells of the battery (4400mAh) and (5800 mAh) two. Because of Hong Kong products in the conference at the scene a short time display time, the company only display four cells (5800mAh) for samples, but the media reports, so that customers have the misconception that and the actual shipping 4 cells (4400mAh) specifications are inconsistent, Shuo are deeply sorry.

All customers of the Hong Kong-based Asustek's long-term support and love, Asustek decided ASUS HK Royal Club Hong Kong EeePC 900 users a free upgrade and replace all 4 cells (5800mAh) batteries.

Once again, thank you for your support and love Asustek products

Telephone: ASUS HK Royal Club
Kowloon: 29581620
Hong Kong: 35824770

Asustek Jingshang

It's a good move on Asus' part. Because that would have been a scary precedent to set. [jkkmobile via ubergizmo]



You don't read love in a letter to customers from a computer company often. My processor's all aflutter.