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Azoo Eco-Desk Puts a Self-Cleaning Aquarium in Your Desk

Illustration for article titled Azoo Eco-Desk Puts a Self-Cleaning Aquarium in Your Desk

I'm pretty sure Missy Elliot had something similar to Azoo's Eco-Desk, which has a self-cleaning tropical fish aquarium contained within a glass and aluminum body. Alas, hers was made by Lamborghini, so this is the poor man's / international female hip-hop star's iteration, but it's still a bit of cool for your apartment. The glass top rests on a hinged support, which can be pulled open to allow Nemo to escape back home, or better yet, add some company to the captives inside. The aquarium contains Azoo's solution for biological, water and temperature control, meaning you don't have to worry about anything other than why your Coi Carp look so damn uncomfortable.


If you have to ask about pricing, well, you know the deal. We'll pass on this one, we just don't think it is very secure—those two mermaids escaped without even smashing the glass. Ridiculous. Hit the link for some more fishy-fun images. [BornRich]

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@frigg: I agree man they could like work out something similar to the lobster tanks in other restaurants. Instead of selecting your lobster you select the delciously tasty fish for your sushi. They then kill it and prepare it. After said preparation is complete you consume it.