Retailers Corroborate iMac Refresh Rumor For Next Week

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Things are looking good for a now probable iMac refresh this coming week, with MacRumors' retail sources confirming that new iMac part numbers have shown up in their systems. Delivery should hit about Monday or Tuesday and fall in line with the current pricing ($1199, $1499 and $1799). And according to MacRumors, the Penryn processor switchout doesn't make a whole lot of gain for desktop units (reduced power consumption there is just meh), so the storage increase and speed bump should be the reason why you'd want to grab this over an older model. [MacRumors]




@Leonard Nimrod: Because Penryn's big change over Merom is power consumption, which is not an issue for desktops, so if the speed bump is 2.2 to 2.33, it's a lot better value to buy a previous generation one with its new slashed pricetag... but then you lose the joy of shiny newness.

So yeah, after almost a year since the last update, 'just a switch to Penryn' will be underwhelming.