Hollywood "Stars" Punk'd Into Going to Scarlet TV Premiere

Illustration for article titled Hollywood Stars Punkd Into Going to Scarlet TV Premiere

We weren't the only ones fooled by LG's Scarlet TV that masqueraded as a TV series. LG managed to convince Hollywood's red carpet-loving "starlets" to come out as well, thinking that it was for the premiere of some show made by a Smallville and Sopranos director. We hope attendees got to take home one of these HDTVs, because we'd be pissed if we had to put on pants for nothing. [MavrixOnline via Shiny Shiny]


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@carmen89: Based on the theory that anyplace is the right place for boobs, I'd say you're right.

That being said, enough wooing.

Back to the topic at hand, i'm pretty bummed that scarlet was a fake. TV needs more hot chicks who fight people. Definitely.