Psystar Open Computer Reviewed (Verdict: Fast, But Can't Be Recommended)

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Besides some benchmarks, CNET's review of the Psystar Open Computer doesn't really tell us anything new that we didn't already know before. It's definitely fast for the price, especially compared with the tiny Mac Mini. However, it's missing stuff like iLife, Bluetooth, an IR receiver, DVD burning and the ability to update your computer. If you're fine with using this one particular version of Leopard for all eternity, the Open Computer looks like a decent deal for the money on paper. But as we pointed out yesterday, there are too many reasons why you shouldn't buy this to justify giving them your cash. [CNET]



I'm A Different Bird

@ludwigk: This is true. Honestly, I hadn't tried most of the Mac clones, but the Power Computing and UMAX ones were always fine computers in my eyes.

As far as today, I think that Jobs' stubbornness is costing Apple a critical opportunity right now. Microsoft's never been so vulnerable as they are right now with the Vista fiasco, and people actually like OSX (which is more than could be said for OS 7), but not everybody's ready to invest in Apple's "premium" (read: overpriced but well-designed) machines, especially in tough economic times. And then there's that pesky enthusiast market, which demands some form of upgradeability in their machines... suffice to say that there's a lot of markets not being served by Apple, and the current computer climate is giving them a once-in-a-generation opportunity to capitalize on them. But, due to Steve's stubbornness, Apple's going to miss out on that slice of the pie.