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Nintendo rang the doorbell at 8:30AM to give me some training in Wii Fit. They calibrated the board to my body by taking my age and measuring my weight. I did some basic yoga stretches, and found them surprisingly hard. My BMI is 25.99, which makes me overweight. My body age, which is much like a brain age score, is 42. Not good. The good news is that between the tracking of fitness, the variety of actual exercises like running in place and pushups and squats, and fun balance games like ski jump and tightrope walking, I might actually get off my ass and use this thing. Often.

P. S. Nintendo, thank you for the grippy Wii Fit socks.

UPDATE: OK, 16 minutes in, I'm tired and my back is spasming a little. The balance exercises have rendered the bottoms of my feet useless. The board's quality is very high, although you're not supposed to jump on it. And the sensors are accurate. I'm not sure what I think of it. Give me a few days to get used to having Fit around.

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To all chubby people: I love and accept you AS YOU ARE. I have seen first hand the damage of anorexia, and its not pretty. Love yourself for all your wonderful qualities and not because some number on a chart says youre "normal".

ps-I work out 4 times a week, its for the cardio thing and I have learned to accept myself as I am, which is not a size zero, and I still have curves, which men have liked all along, God bless them.