ASIMO Robot 'Conducts' Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Asimo, Honda's consistently-unimpressive robot that they awkwardly walk out for press conferences to prove to everyone that they're working on vague, future-related projects, is at it again! This time, he's been spotted "conducting" Yo-Yo Ma and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, caught here on NBC's Today Show. It's all quite ridiculous and probably not a little insulting to real-life conductors, but on the up side, Honda donates $1 million to the DSO to improve its music education programs, which is something even my grizzled, jaded heart can't frown upon. [Asimo on Giz]

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Creole Trash Panda

@carmen89: The pinacle of nefarious activity it has become. As a former resident of the recently submerged city of new orlantis (new orleans).... you do not obtain that level of infamy unwarranted.

And its not THAT bad....I am fond of Wayne Co. and Windsor, Canada.