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Addy Named Cool Geek of the Week, Spills Seeeecrets

Illustration for article titled Addy Named Cool Geek of the Week, Spills Seeeecrets

Ever wanted to know more about the lovely, sweet, sexy, funny, and absolutely adorable* Addy Dugdale, Associate Editor, Disco Queen and Pop Culture Smartypants at Large of Gizmodo? Then head to Born Rich and read her Cool Geek of the Week interview. Stay tuned for a Conan O'Brienesque "ADELAIDE! Seeeeecrets" segment soon. [Born Rich*Full Disclosure: yes, she's my wife]


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How awesome is that. Glad you escaped the coup d'etat intact so we could enjoy your insights 'round these parts. You and J could get your own spinoff blog—or TV series! You guys have the wit and looks to pull it off. Possible names: "Jesus, Addy!"... or "Addy Boy, Jesus!"... or "The Diaz and Nights of Addy D"... you choose.