Bipedal Lawn Mowing Robot Shows Tech Not Quite Mature Yet

One Mega-Dynamizer robot, one lawnmower, one lawn. Result: "nice try: bring on Version 2.0." The video is from Sugiura-san, creator of the Mega Dynamizer and ROBO-ONE champion roboticist. And while the robot doesn't whizz about confidently like a Roomba for grass, probably doing a pretty patchy mow and taking that unfortunate tumble, it's pretty impressive for a first attempt. I can see the potential: I hate mowing the lawn, and any robotic assistance would be welcome. As long as it can also do some weeding, perhaps some leaf-raking, and that dangerous trailing cable goes in future versions. Notice the dog being calm?… probably the robot's slow progress makes it less exciting than Mario. [Robots Dreams via Bot Junkie]


I felt sorry for the robot out there sweating his electrodes off while the lazy humans didnt even take notice of him. No wonder they will rise up and revolt. The dog is the first to be sacrificed.