Blu-ray Coffee Table, Pac-Man Tabletop For Grown-ups

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When tabletop arcade manufacturer Retro-Tech makes a coffee table, it's gotta do more than hold books on Famous Chateaus of the 18th Century and What Things Look Like From the Sky. It has to hold that stuff and piss off your home theater.


So they start with a 19" touchscreen, add a Blu-ray drive with video out and a Microsoft keyboard and mouse to control is all. (And we're pretty sure a PC is stuck in there too.) To round it out, 6mm of "toughened glass" protects the top, though we're a bit confused if the touchscreen still works when covered. You can definitely see the arcade influence in the design, but we wish they'd gone a step or two further in incorporating the glossier elements of tabletop games. And would a splash of color hurt anyone? Price TBA. [Retro-Tech via Ubergizmo]

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I have an old Chopper table top arcade game, that still has the property of Pizza Hut sticker on the side.

No, I didn't steal it, I bought it at auction. They actually make nice end tables if you clean them up, and can play a quick round if you get board with your wife's companies inane chatter during a cocktail party.